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Trevor Wales  Dip Hyp  BWRT®, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Success coach, BWRT®, EFT & NLP Practitioner.



Making a positive difference in people's lives for the better. Providing affordable & effective Cognitive Mind Based Therapies and coaching for personal inner change, health, wellness & success, for people & business throughout Cornwall, Devon & the UK.


One to one or group sessions in Cornwall and Devon. Therapy and success coaching appointments also available via Skype throughout the UK & Worldwide. Free initial phone consultation up to 30 minutes.


Sessions start at £39.00 for Relaxation and Stress management 


'Get a different view on life. BWRT®, & Hypnosis, the faster natural way to lasting positive inner change.Change your mind, take control improve your life, be the best that you can be with BWRT® & Hypnotherapy' 


 Read my latest blog :- How many sessions will a client need and why therapy sessions must be booked by the express agreement of the client.


 A short video explaining about how hypnotherapy, BWRT®, EFT & NLP can be used to help people to feel better in themselves, remove life limiting blocks to success and unlock their personal potential.


Hello and a warm welcome to you and thank you for visiting Trevor Wales Hypnotherapy Solutions website. 

Trevor is a fully qualified hypnotherapy practitioner with over a decade's experience who combines hypnotherapy,BWRT, EFT, NLP and Counselling in his practice to help his clients to feel better and make progress in achieving their personal goals and help them to get what they want out of life. Trevor is very committed to his clients health,wellness and personal outcomes. Clients who engage Trevor for therapy will find that he is a very good listener and is someone who is non Judgmental, friendly empathic and client focussed.
Based in St Austell, Truro and Bodmin,
 Trevor's goal as a hypnotherapist and Brain working Recursive therapy Practitioner ® is to provide a safe and compassionate place where hypnotherapy and therapy clients from all over Cornwall and Devon can get encouragement and support as they navigate through the challenges of life.In fact Trevor's therapy services extend beyond the boundaries of Cornwall and Devon and are just as effective as one to one sessions and are available worldwide via Skype. 

The chances are that if you are on this website page you or someone you know may be struggling with some difficult emotional situations or personal issues and may relate to some of the presenting problems outlined in the content below that people come to seek Trevor Wales Hypnotherapy Solutions help with. Practically everyone needs someone to turn to for help in challenging times,whether it's dealing with difficult personal situations such as relationship problems,work related problems, bereavement, low confidence and low self esteem or depression for example, or deeply personal challenges and issues.No matter what you’re going through, there is hope.




Sometimes no matter which way you look at it life seems upside down and inside out and all you really need is something and someone to help you make sense of it all  


Within the last ten years Hypnotherapy has certainly become a very big subject and very much in the public eye for being a positive therapeutic process for good with which to help and benefit people with in numerous ways, to help them to feel better and improve their quality of life in a completely natural way using just the phenomenal power of the human mind. Many people now see the positive life changing value that hypnotherapy can bring to people's lives. Hypnotherapy and hypnosis are not new however and both have been used for centuries in various ways to help people.

You may have heard that hypnotherapy can be a very big positive help in helping to make those necessary changes in thinking that affects beliefs and behaviours very often leading to lifelong positive changes in a person's life and you may be wondering if hypnotherapy can help you too, so you may be looking to find out more about hypnotherapy and cognitive mind based therapies and how they can help you to get the changes you want in your life. Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy can be helpful in the following key areas of people's lives.

  • Behaviours and habits, such as, Addictions, Anxiety, Fears and Phobias, Emotional Eating, Nervous habits, Quitting smoking. Problems of a sexual nature. 
  • Emotional difficulties and problems, such as Depression, Anger management, bereavement and grief, Self confidence, Self esteem, Relationship problems. PTSD.
  • Psychosomatic stress related disorders, such as Skin disorders, Eczema, psoriasis  and respiratory problems such a Asthma. Migraine and IBS. (Irritable bowel Syndrome)
  • There are also areas of special interest in hypnosis such as 'Past Life Regression Hypnosis,' which for people with an open minded interest and disposition can give them a deeper insight into who they are and can possibly provide answers and solutions to some of the issues in their lives. This is an area that is of Special interest to Trevor having extensively researched the subject over many years. Please feel free to enquire.   

If you would like to read an article on why hypnotherapy can very often be the answer to many of lifes difficulties and challenges Click here to read Trevor's blog

Alternatively you may simply be curious and wondering how cognitive mind based therapies may be able to help you to develop your potential such as improving an area of personal performance be it academic,the arts, business or sport.


People who are learning and perfecting skills whether personal or professional, endeavouring to improve themselves in some way, can benefit from mentoring at various different levels and the applications of cognitive mind based mentoring techniques, using the latest cutting edge understandings of neuroscience can give a person that unique personal performance edge. Using cognitive mind based mentoring techniques can help a person hone and develop both existing and new abilities, improving memory, confidence and performance for example. These are just a few examples that hypnotherapy and cognitive mind based talking therapies can help with.A more comprehensive list can be found on the treatments page. 



Success coaching therapy can help you navigate the stepping stones to success 


As a therapist with over a decade’s experience of helping clients make positive change working with a mix of helpful therapeutic interventions that Trevor uses, such as BWRT ® Hypnotherapy, EFT and NLP, the first and most important aspect of therapy is of simply being a good listener and encouraging clients to talk about their personal experience of life as to what it is that is making life difficult for them as many people bottle things up and find it difficult to talk to those nearest to them.

The effective interventions of cognitive mind based therapies such as hypnotherapy, BWRT®, EFT, NLP combined with the skills of listening and counselling or mentoring, whatever is appropriate for the person, can help a person to create significant change and greatly improve various differing aspects of a person's life whether it be in improving how they feel in their emotional well being or equipping them with the right tools and mindset for success. 

Trevor's hypnotherapy and therapy services are available the length and breadth of Cornwall and Devon and He also works very successfully worldwide via Skype video link. Trevor receives a lot of good feedback from his clients letting him know how hypnotherapy has changed their lives for the better which is always really good to receive, because it lets other people also know that they dont have to be stuck with an issue they dont want in their lives. Its very good to know that therapy has had a positive impact in helping clients to regain control of their lives and create the life improving changes they want.

Most therapy sessions are typically around ninety minutes and the frequency of sessions is normally between three to four weeks apart. You can read what Trevor's clients think about how therapy has been able to help them access their own best inner resources and lead better fulfilling lives by taking a look at the testimonial pageWhy not take a look? Why not contact Trevor today to set up a session? Trevor very much looks forward to talking with you soon.


26th October 2016 . New testimonial.
A client who Trevor started working with late last year came to see him in November 2015  presenting with Anxiety, depression and lack of confidence. After successfully working through those issues they then went on to work with weight management which has also been very successful.  Trevor  recently received a lovely testimonial in the post  confirming that hypnotherapy really does work and very well indeed! To read the handwritten letter  go to Trevor's blog page and see the entry for 26th October.




About Trevor Wales  Hypnotherapy Solutions

Trevor is a fully qualified and fully insured clinical Hypnotherapy, BWRT ® practitioner and Success Mentor with over a decades experience in his field. Trevor holds a diploma in hypnotherapy, an advanced certificate of Brain working recursive therapy,(BWRT ®)and a general qualification in hypnotherapy. Trevor is registered with the General Hypnotherapy Register,(GHR) The Institute of Brain working recursive therapists, (MIBWRT) The Central Register of Stop Smoking Therapists (CRSST ) and the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council. (CNHC )

Trevor first became involved in the field of hypnotherapy in 2004 studying a year long diploma course with an exam assessment at the end where he qualified with merit. You can see Trevor's certificate here   

Trevor is also 'ASIST' trained (Applied Suicide Intervention skills training) which equips people to help people at risk of suicide by helping to keep them safe for now and connecting them with people who can help them.

How does Trevor help you?  

Trevor's therapy and coaching approach delivers efficient and effective results and include HypnotherapyBWRT®Emotional Freedom Therapy treatments, NLP and Success Coaching. Trevor works with his clients helping them to feel better, often quite quickly, helping them to move forwards and find positive solutions and resolve often what seem almost unsolvable complex issues or simply helping them find those inner resources to spur them on to successfully achieve their personal goals and he does this either on a one to one basis, or with groups, organisations and businesses within the community of Cornwall, Devon and across the U.K. providing affordable and cost effective therapy and success coaching services. Trevor has helped many clients over the decade that he has been in practice. The quality and value for money of Trevor's services are reflected in the numerous testimonials  he receives from satisfied clients expressing how hypnotherapy and his way of working with them has helped them to resolve their issues and feel better within themselves and create the improvements they were looking for in their lives.

Whats included in Trevor Wales therapy services?  

To find out about opening hours and what is included in Trevor Wales' therapy services. Click on the link here.


What do you want from life.Where do you want to go?  Cognitive mind based therapies can help you to unlock your potential and help you to achieve personal change and growth


Where is Trevor Wales hypnotherapy Solutions based? 

Trevor has comfortable therapy rooms which are conveniently located in the town of St Austell within easy reach of car parks, public transport and taxi services at two locations in St Austell and in Bodmin and in the heart of Truro at Lemon Street. 

For groups,organisations and businesses your requirements can be met either at your location wherever there is a suitable space or at one of my comfortably appointed training venues in the heart of St Austell with beautiful views looking over the St Austell Bay area. 

  • For disabled clients, please note that one of Trevor's venues in St Austell is disabled friendly with free parking. 
    Call me on 01726 69703 or 07740 190261 to find out more. 

Can't get to Trevor's practice locations?

Trevor's therapy services are also available to clients, either in the comfort and privacy of their own homes throughout Cornwall and Devon. Additionally Trevor's therapy services can also be provided via Skype throughout the UK and the rest of the world and he has clients both nationally and worldwide who have  positively benefited from working with him in this way. As a communication tool Skype can be equally as effective for therapy and success coaching as it is for one to one.

For more information about Trevor and why you should consider his Services to help you, please visit the about Trevor  page.


Let's connect. You can read the latest news about all things hypnosis and hypnotherapy by following Trevor.



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A little about Trevor's website.

There is a tendency nowadays with the current market trends for websites to be minimal, short on content and big on pictures. Trevor doesn't believe in giving people small sound bites, Trevor believes in giving people comprehensive information. On this website you will not find sparse content and lots of hard sell 'new age floaty' pictures that don't tell you much but which are only designed to instantly grab your attention. Neither will you find complicated technical jargon. Where pictures are used they are used to illustrate a point.

For many people the subject of hypnosis and hypnotherapy is completely fascinating and if they have never experienced hypnosis before there will be lots of questions. With this in mind, the content on Trevor's website is very comprehensive and written in plain clear language that communicates clearly in a way that every reasonably intelligent person can understand. It is written by Trevor and designed to provide you with as much information as possible as to what hypnotherapy, Success Coaching and Cognitive Mind Based Therapies are all about and to assure you of both the safety and effectiveness of these therapies.
On Trevor's Therapy pages you will find a thorough explanation of how your mind can be your very best asset or your own worst enemy and how the subconscious mind works and influences everything we think and everything we do even when we are not aware of it. He explains how hypnosis can be put to good use to work for the benefit of the mind and how hypnotherapy can help you personally to create positive lasting change. Cognitive mind based therapy is all about health, wellness and improving aspects of your life,so for now Trevor would just invite you to think about what it means to you to invest some time in your health and wellness or success and just take the time to read.

If you can take a little time to read and invest some time in yourself you will find out that hypnotherapy and mind based therapies are very beneficial therapeutic tools which once chosen by you can be a very sound personal investment in your own health and well being and in helping you on the road to achieving your life goals. 

Trevor passionately believes that Hypnotherapy and Cognitive Mind Based therapies are just about the most effective therapy tools for self development, personal change and growth and overcoming life limiting issues such as anxiety, panic attacks, fears, addictions, habits, phobias and stress and much more.Many of the questions people ask about hypnotherapy can be answered here

A lot of Trevor's clients come to see him as a result of referrals from other satisfied clients and on his pages you will find both testimonial and video content from some of Trevor's very satisfied clients who have some very positive things to say about hypnotherapy and how his services helped them to feel better. 


Not everyone likes to read or indeed even has the time to read and as there is nothing as good as having a conversation to answer questions and focus the mind, please feel free to contact Trevor about your needs using the contact form on the contact and charges page or alternatively you can call him to talk about whatever it is that you want to achieve or to find help with and have a friendly informal no obligation complimentary phone consultation of up to thirty minutes.  You can get in touch with Trevor  on 01726 69703 

What are Cognitive Mind Based Therapies? 

Cognitive mind based therapies are a set of useful therapy tools that can be used to help to empower people who wish to create personal inner change in their lives. Change in their way of thinking, feeling and behaviours, to make improvements to some aspect of their daily lives, to create lasting positive change based on the reasoning and theoretical models that the personal emotions we experience control our behaviour and that all behaviour has the express purpose of keeping us safe through the part of our mind that is the subconscious, that ancient fight of flight mechanism designed to protect us and keep us safe from harm. 
In some people’s lives, significant events which happen that are highly emotional can trigger an adverse reaction which starts a change in thinking, feeling and behaviour from the norm that they experience and this may sometimes lead to certain behaviours escalating out of their control, resulting in obsessive behaviours, phobias, anxiety or even addictions. Cognitive mind based therapies use a variety of helpful and highly specialised therapeutic tools to help to find the causes that led to these behaviours.



Cognitive mind based therapy tools can help you improve your life. 

If you are looking to create change in your life and looking for help with issues such as Stopping Smoking, Diet and Managing Weight, Anxiety, Fear of Flying, Fears of Open or Closed Spaces, Fears of Talking in Public, Addictions, Exam or Interview Nerves, Nail Biting, Wedding Day Nerves, Improving your Self Confidence or anything else connected with matters of Beliefs, Behaviours, how you feel and how you view the world and yourself, if you are exploring the idea of using Hypnotherapy and Cognitive Mind Based Therapies, there are two things I would like to share with you. The first is that BWRT ®, Hypnotherapy, EFT & NLP really could work for you exactly as it has worked to help millions of people around the world to get the best out of life. The second thing to share with you is that as an experienced skilled and highly ethical hypnotherapy practitioner of over ten years, I can help you to make those improvements to feel better within yourself, to create the positive changes that you want to make in your life, like the many people around the country and across the world who I've already helped to do this.  

Why do I use different therapy tools such as BWRT, EFT and NLP alongside Hypnotherapy?

The answer is very straightforward. Having a diversity of different therapy tools is very useful, because although they are all designed to achieve the same ends, to help you feel better or achieve your goal, they all work in different ways which gives me flexibility in how I work with my clients. Some of the therapies I use such as BWRT®, EFT and NLP are in the fully waking conscious state and not in the trance state as in hypnosis. 

The advantage of having several options are various, for example, one chronic pain client I worked with a few years ago who saw me for hypnotherapy was in so much pain to begin with that they were unable to relax sufficiently for hypnotherapy to commence. In this situation, I introduced EFT to the client and after a few minutes of working in the conscious state the client was able to reduce their pain levels sufficiently enough for hypnotherapy to begin and so a combination of EFT and hypnotherapy produced the results for that particular client.

Another reason for having alternative tools is that some client’s health conditions such as serious heart condition, epilepsy and severe asthma would all be contra indicators where it could be potentially very unsafe to use hypnosis. In this case working consciously with interventions such as BWRT , EFT and NLP can be a very effective alternative.

Additionally and very rarely, some clients may be uncomfortable with the idea of going into trance as there may be the mistaken belief that they are somehow giving up their power. Nothing could be further from the truth.  A hypnotherapist helps and facilitates the client to tap into their subconscious mind and bring their own inner resources into focus where they can work to create the changes they want. However, in the rare cases that surface from time to time interventions such as BWRT offer the client the opportunity to work with their situation in the fully conscious state and in a very private way where not too much is needed to be divulged in the consultation to the therapist and this suits clients who find it hard to talk about their problem for whatever reason.  

Why choose BWRT® EFT and NLP?

BWRT®, EFT and NLP are not in the hypnotic state and are in the fully conscious awake state although it is quite possible that the client may well engage into a spontaneous trance like state whilst engaging with those therapies. BWRT® is a very fast dynamic therapy modality which is content free and often produces very dramatic shifts and changes in just one or two sessions and it is very well suited for issues such as depression, fears, habits, phobias, generalised anxiety disorders, social phobia, stress & anxiety.
The really big point of interest with BWRT® which makes it so effective and efficient is that there is absolutely no need to find out why the client has the problem that they have come for help with. BWRT® is a solution focussed therapy and the therapist is working as a solution focused behavioral psychotherapist not as an analyst searching for the starting point of the behaviour.




The way in which BWRT works is truly remarkable and is fast becoming the therapy tool of choice, it’s almost like magic and issues are sometimes completely cleared in one or two sessions. For more information on BWRT you can read my blog about my experience of working with clients. 
Having tools that offer clients choice gives them positive alternatives and as can be seen from the above being able to use therapies in combination with each other can be very helpful to move things along .

Why choose hypnotherapy and what can it do for me? 

All of us at some time in our lives seem to have some kinds of problems as we go through life. Most we are able to resolve on our own. Some however seem to us to be completely unsolvable and we struggle to make any real positive lasting change to our situation at all. It’s fair to say that a great many of those unsolvable problems are indeed rooted in our past and in anxiety and entrenched beliefs and behaviour patterns that we seem unable to control and this can spill out into many areas of our daily lives affecting a lot of key areas, things like the quality of our life, work satisfaction, relationships, sleep and many other areas too. Long term anxiety can lead to physical health and mental health problems. It might surprise you to know that they may not be as unsolvable as you think. Read more




Hypnosis is a very versatile therapy tool that can help you to create great change in your personal outlook on life in your thoughts, behaviours and actions and how you feel, helping you to achieve the success you want to achive. 



 Click on the images to discover how hypnosis can be used  for specific issues such as weight management, stop smoking, seasonal affective disorder and depression. 

Here is what one client said about my hypnotherapy service after her successful treatment programme.  

"Trevor has been a very caring, supportive and professional practitioner and I would recommend him if you are struggling with anxieties.” Kerry

For more positive success stories from my clients visit my testimonial page


Hypnotherapy is a safe effective therapy process:- click here to read more 



Hypnotherapy can very often be the answer and help to manage or solve many personal, emotional and relationship problems both simple and complex and also of a highly personal sensitive nature, often solving the problem altogether. Hypnotherapy is often used to help clients successfully lose and manage weight and to stop smoking. To see what  Hypnotherapy Can Help Manage the symptoms of  why not look at the treatment page? 


  Busy life? Find it difficult to relax?

Qualified Hypnotherapist, Cornwall

Would you like to feel more relaxed and at ease?


Wonder what it feels like to experience hypnosis and feel more relaxed than you have probably been before?
How would you like to soothe away the stresses and strains of each day without even having to do anything more difficult than simply slipping on a pair of headphones and listening?
You can try a complimentary hypnosis download at no charge. My gift to you. To claim your moments of peace, tranquility and calmness, stress busting, MP3 download, simply click on the picture above and send me your email details and I will send my mini relaxation session by return.  


Some reviews from some happy customers:- All reviews are used with express permission.

Successful relaxation with Free Relaxation Hypnosis MP3

I listened to your mp3 you sent me through email, and wow!!

With 3 small children it's very hard to chill/relax! I sat down in my front room this morning with all my children and plugged my ear phones in, I thought to myself 'yeah I'll give it a go' this isn't going to work! Your voice is so soothing, calm, safe, as soon as I started listening, I felt very relaxed! That 17 minute piece you sent me was amazing, after it I felt like I had slept for hours and my eyes were so heavy, I was so relaxed! My body felt tingly, it's hard to explain, i was so amazed I even passed it over to my sister, she too was shocked as she thought the same, that it wasn't going to make her relaxed, I'm going to wake up every morning 20 minutes before my children wake and listen to it as I felt so good after it this morning! Thanks Trevor, and looking forward to our session next week! :)

-Hayley, Lerryn

 Another successful relaxation with Free Relaxation Hypnosis MP3

I contacted Trevor to see if there was anything he could do to help me with my depression and we had a lengthy chat. He then sent me his free relaxation mp3. I've listened to it every day since he has sent me it and I can honestly say that it’s brilliant. It really helped me chill out almost every day and take everything in my stride and not let things bother me. I can’t thank him enough for the mp3 alone. Thank you. Leigh


If you think Trevor can help you, why not call on 01726 69703 or 07740 190261 for an informal no obligation chat. Trevor will look forward to your call. 



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I am pleased to be helping the chamber of commerce to grow their membership.  If you are a business in or around St Austell and are thinking of joining,if you have any questions about the benefits of membership, please feel free to call me on 01726 69703 or 07740 190261 



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